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Adelaide Neurosurgeon Dr Adam Wells conducts world-first 3D printed brain surgery

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Adelaide Neurosurgeon operates on 3D printed brain

In a world first, Dr Adam Wells from the University of Adelaide and the Royal Adelaide Hospital has conducted "brain surgery" on a 3D printed brain modelled on US President Barack Obama. In a move that could revolutionise surgical training, innovative South Australian company Fusetec has developed lifelike 3D printed models of various anatomical regions, allowing surgeons to sharpen their skills in accurate recreations of the real thing.

The new technology is a breakthrough in surgical learning, and will allow the creation of not only normal brain anatomy to practice surgical skills, but also brains with various pathologies such as different types of brain tumours which will be able to be printed on demand and to highly specific requirements. Neurosurgeons can now have a lifelike and accurate 3D printed model to practice on before they embark on actual surgery in real life and on a real patient.

Mark Roe, CEO of Fusetec, said "this tech will continue to evolve, and it's world-leading. Today's the first time that this has happened anywhere in the world".


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